Delicious Rocket

Rocket Flower

The tiny Flowers of Rocket can be eaten raw & used to decorate salads.

I love Rocket. Its lovely pungent taste transports me instantly deep into a memory of another time and place when sunlight and Rocket was abundant…

Rocket sowed directly in a Flat Tray

The good news is that it is easy and fast to grow your own rocket.

However most of us just love the taste with pasta on a bed of rocket or in a raw salad, how ever you prefer to have yours, the good news is that it is easy and fast to grow your own.

Just fill up a tray with good compost like I do and then scatter the seeds evenly over the surface. Since the seeds are so small, there is no need to cover. Just keep Most until germination (within 5-7 day) and keep the tray always in a sunny spot and out of excessive rain.

Alternatively, clear a bed in the garden, scatter the seeds evenly over the surface and water in with a soft spray or watering can fitted with a fine rose. It is truly that simple.

The most difficult part about sowing rocket seeds must be, because they are so tiny, not to instantly drop all the contents of the packet on a single spot. If this happened don’t fret, just softly rake over to spread seeds.

I empty the packet on the palm of my one hand, then using the pinch fingers of the other hand to scatter them, very carefully to make sure the whole bed is covered. Some gardeners like to mix the seeds with fine sand and then sow this bigger volume more evenly.

Start to harvest as soon as the leaves are big enough to handle and start thinking, where you will sow next.

Enjoy fresh rocket all season!


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