Helxine soleirolii

Helxine soleirolii

Helxine soleirolii

Make sure you love this one before you let it roam free, and even then, set definite parameters to make your life easy in case you change your mind in the future.

If you don’t, this lovely and seemingly innocent, water loving ground cover will take over and there are certain other plants unable to cope with its competitive nature and may end up smothered  by an expanding, dense green carpet, however pretty it may be.

I let Helxine grow in damp, shady areas, where stone borders or paved paths will prevent it from spreading out of control. They work well with most ferns, but keep them off the trunks of tree ferns, just to be safe.

There are many varieties commercially available, but for me, however plain, the lush green (as seen on the photo) remains a favourite.

It is said that the Victorians brought it to Britain to decorate their conservatories, but it had long since made its way into our outdoor green spaces. It is also known as Babies Tears and in S.A. as Peace in the Home.

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