Rain Rain and more Rain..

Never thought I would one day get to say this here in England but: Rain is always welcome! And isn’t it just? Especially amid all the talk of drought and indeed a welcome break from the constant watering, that is if you tend to keep hundreds of little pot plants, like I do.

My only job for the last few days has been to empty the trays under some plants that might find sitting in water for too long slightly unpleasant.

Bio-intensive container gardening

Bio-intensive container gardening

Nearly our whole backyard although south facing is cemented all over, however after a couple of summers here I have to say the cement  has been a blessing in disguise. I just love to pick my plants up one by one to tend to their needs in close range, yes that all important TLC, which by the way will NEVER have anything to do with yogurt!!!

Here I’ve learned a lot about the limitations and advantages of container gardening and I am quite sure we will get to leave here one day and take my whole collection of plants with me! Well that is if they do not end up in somebody-else’s garden, but such is life…There are just too many on this planet to keep them all.

Ever seen the gardens in tropical regions of the word? Anything hollow is planted up and even the front gardens end up consisting of never ending colorful arrangements of pots packed and stacked all over the place.

On my terrace it’s really not about the pots anymore but solely about its inhabitants, some brought here by the wind or the birds for sure. Some might be classed as weeds but I love them all the same.

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