The Joy of Bird Song

Some of the best things in life are still free, like waking up to bird song in your back garden, surrounded by trees.

There are many things you can do to make birds feel welcome in your garden.

The simplest of all is just to keep fresh, clean water in a glazed  terracotta tray. This needs to be filled everyday, specially after small birds such as Robins and Blue tits have taken their baths and the water replaced entirely as often as possible. It is truly a joy for humans of all ages to watch them.

Birth Batch with clean & fresh water

Birth bath with clean and fresh water

It has to be placed in an open area where there is no dense vegetation for predators to hide in. With an abundance of wild flowers to employ insects and supply seeds in the summer, it is hardly necessary to put any food out.

Keeping some humid areas covered with a thick layer of dry leaves, will harbour ground living insects  and earthworms would remain near the surface, where blackbirds could scratch around for them to  feed their young.

Letting your climbers a little bit room to fill out (less pruning and more braiding..) or keeping shrubs such as Holly, Pyracantha or Hawthorn and other mixed native hedge plants which would provide not only plenty of safe natural nesting posibilities but also berries to feed on.

Wrens will nest in undisturbed piles of sticks and dead wood.

Enjoy your encounters with the gardener’s friends and other feathered residence this summer!

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